Method to Disable SPO features Using CSOM

Below is the Link for all the GUID’s of all the features in Sharepoint.

The following links has the details of GUID’s and description in brief of each feature at site level in a SP site.


public static void RemoveMinimalDownload(ClientContext clientContext, Web web)

//Pass the Corresponding GUID here
Guid MDSfeature = new Guid(“87294C72-F260-42f3-A41B-981A2FFCE37A”);
FeatureCollection features = web.Features;
features.Remove(MDSfeature, true);

Call this method in the main function it will disable the feature once the program runs.

Similarly, GUID for Mobile Browser View is d95c97f3-e528-4da2-ae9f-32b3535fbb59 and for the others please follow the above given Link.

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